Rupinder is one of my favourites: Tristan White, DWR Defender

A country boy who grew up in Wagga Wagga until the age of 14, Tristan White first picked up the hockey stick when he was just three years old. Backed by a strong family interest in hockey, it was quite predictable that he would follow the footsteps of his mother, uncle and cousins as a hockey player despite showing a keen interest in a broad range of sports.

Sharing his experiences about coming to India for Hockey India League, he talked about the rapport he shares with the fellow Delhi Waveriders (DWR). He gets along well with the team members from his home country, but he equally enjoys playing with Rupinder Pal Singh and Surender Kumar. Excited on sharing his special bond with Rupinder, Tristan said, “He is really good. He is really awesome. Rupinder is one of my favourites.”

Talking about his four-year long association with the DWR team, Tristan recalls, “It was quite awesome. In the first year, we won the championship. In the second, we came third and last year, we kind of finished everyway on the podium. But this time, we are sure that we will make it to the finals and bring the trophy. Well, that’s what the plan is, and everything is going well so far and we have a long way to go. We have not started yet but we are pretty confident.”

Having tried stints at Football, Rugby and Basketball already, this young lad from a small town of Wagga Wagga chose to pick up the hockey stick. Tristan confessed that had he not been a Hockey player, he would have definitely pursued Rugby (his love next to the sport of sticks). When asked to choose the best sportsman from Rugby, he said, “Would surely be Brad Fittler. He is the legend of my favourite club back home and he is a really cool guy.”

Responding to the enthusiasm and massive bonding over Cricket in India, Tristan said, “Even though I don’t know much about the game, I am surely a cricket fan. I instantly took a liking for Steve Smith who started off as an amateur, only to turn into an amazing player overnight. Talking of Cricket, another name that comes to my mind is Brett Lee for his fast-paced bowling.”

He told us that though he had not grown up with Hockey but he was raised in a country that is quite driven by sports. “I started playing Hockey when I was very young, and grew up in a small town and not in a big city like Delhi. Once we came out to play sports, I just loved it,” he said. This 25-year-old lad has 15 International caps to his status of an emerging hockey player. Terrific, isn’t it? Determined and diligent, he’s definitely going the right way!

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