Rendezvous with #RokSakoTohRokLo Defender : Mark Pearson

While Delhi woke up to a nippy January morning, we were all pumped up for a chat with our Delhi Waverider player Mark Pearson. Born in Vancouver, Canada he has represented Canada at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing and 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup in Delhi, India.

In an engaging conversation with Mark, we gathered that he would be an integral part of the #HIL2016 for the first time. While sharing his experience of working with team Delhi Waveriders, he shared that he used to play with the Punjabi club of Vancouver, been to Delhi a few times already earlier in 2010, is quite accustomed to the culture and delicious indian curries.

Mark also has propensity towards other sports like Golf, Soccer but has expressed his love for Hockey invariably, “I like anything with Hockey in the name”, he added.

With Ice hockey being much popular in Canada, Mark too has played the sport, but he chose Field Hockey over it. Mark believes that Field Hockey has more opportunities to offer and entails more support. It was equally interesting to note that his parents too play Field Hockey and he grew up watching them play. He also exhibited his fondness for “Street Chai” and “Curry”, but would enquire the coach before devouring over street food. The player plans for a period of travelling across different cities and wishes to explore the Indian culture as well.

“I have liked Dal and Paneer with a bit of rice and the naan is too delicious”, the player added. In an attempt to pull off a candid conversation with Mark, we came to know that he adores Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio in Hollywood. The defender turned red cheeked when asked about his fondness towards any actress and did express his liking toward John Abraham.

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