Delhi Waveriders Kick Off #HIL2016 on a Winning Note

What could have been better than pulling off a great match against the mighty Jaypee Punjab Warriors? 21st January turned out to be one terrific day for us! We came, we saw and we conquered the cold stands with our only weapon. With hockey sticks in hand and determination in heart to fight till the end, we recorded our very first victory at Chandigarh, the homeland of our contenders-cum-hosts.

Fourth Hockey India League was in full swing when the two teams came out in the open with their hockey sticks to take on each other. But, the #RokSakoTohRokLo team sealed it with its 5-4 score. The ‘Man of the Match’ was Rupinder Pal Singh, a gem from the Chandigarh Hockey Academy who played a catalyst in neutralising the home advantage using his signature drag-flicks.

The pressure dragged till the end as nobody was ready to give up and DWR won when Yuvraj Walmiki came to rescue at the ninth minute with his reverse-hand strike. Thereafter, goals started pouring-in with Matt Gohdes equalling the points with 2-2. The results were quite evident after the half-time when DWR finished with 4-3. It was raining ‘penalty corner conversions’ which totalled to five and the two field goals closed the deal.

Two field goals set the ball rolling and a goal from penalty corners was the clincher. Being on the aggressive side, we had a narrow win when Rupinder flaunted his defensive skills to keep opponents at bay. Both teams got their fair share of chances to awaken their winning instincts but it was our drag-flicker who made all the difference.

The closely contested game seemed more like a seesaw battle with its own leaps and bounds. Nothing could have been said by the end of the first quarter but our champions raised their level in the second one. All opportunities were utilized in the third half till the Warriors gave us a tough competition in this war of equals at #HIL2016.

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