Cedric D’souza and his thought on the Delhi Waverider

On a cold Saturday evening in Delhi, we found ourselves chatting up with the newly appointed coach of Delhi Waveriders, Coach Cedric D’Souza about the players and him. D’Souza has twice served as the national men’s team coach and even guided the team to the fifth place finish at the 1994 Sydney World Cup; his plan is to improve the performance of the team from the last year.

Talking about difference between last year’s and current team D’Souza said, “The ideology before and now is different. Team is filled with well rounded players; we are not focusing of having one key player around which the whole team will revolve. Instead those key players will add value and make the team better. We have made sure that we have players who can take leadership role during the match, anyone who can step up and remind everyone to take the control of the game and push for the attack.”

“In any team game when someone takes the leadership role the rest follows.” He added.

When asked about how the team has been doing in the practice sessions and would he like to tell us about the communication between the team members D’souza said “Super, it has been really great. Currently we have line of defence, line of mid and line of strike, each of them have leaders in it with that prospective we have a lot of interaction. We also talk about the role with the players, so they have an idea that if they do not show their full potential not only them but the whole team will suffer. ”

Commenting on his favourite player from the team and his relation with the players D’souza said, “We have 20 players and all of them are my favourite players, they all have to perform well and push themselves to the next level.”

“Relation with the players is great; they talk to me anytime about anything however there is a certain amount of discipline which is maintained both on and off the field”, he added.

“It is a fantastic platform itself, they learn how to work in a team environment and adapt to the different situation and learn new things as they get to meet and interact with new people from other countries.” D’souza said talking about how HIL can help young players to shape their career and learn new things.

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