I have gained a lot of confidence from HIL: Harjeet Singh

HIL has helped to boost confidence, says Harjeet Singh

Playing alongside foreign players in HIL helps boost confidence, says Harjeet Singh

From joining the Punjab Junior State team to representing India as a captain of the Indian Junior Men’s team, Harjeet Singh, the youngest of the Delhi Waveriders lot, has come a long way in his hockey career.

Harjeet picked up the hockey stick in the 3rd standard. He would often go along with the elders to the academy in his village to watch other children play and that is what sparked the enthusiasm in him.

When asked about his Hockey India League experience, Harjeet said, “I have gained a lot of experience and confidence from HIL. We get to learn a lot playing alongside foreign players, who are the best at the sport players and this will help us when we represent India in future tournament and championships.”

A new team means new players and new strategies, but this doesn’t seem to deter the star player in any way. When asked about how he felt about his transition from Uttar Pradesh Wizards last year to Delhi Waveriders in 2016, Harjeet said, “Understanding between the players is really good, and we regularly talk about our mistakes and how to improve them.”

Speaking about the team’s vice captain and everyone’s favourite Rupinder Pal Singh, Harjeet had all the nice things to say: “He is a really nice hockey player and a great person. He treats everyone nicely and age is never a barrier when talking to him. He also loves to joke.”

Being the youngest in the team, Harjeet has been soaking in all the experience like a sponge. Time and again, he’s proved his mettle on the turf and helped the team score against the opponents. Wishing the lad all the best for the future, we hope he keeps the spirit of the team alive.

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