A chat with the jaunty defender of DWR team: Rupinder Pal Singh

A defender of the team is one of the pivotal players in the team for he is responsible to prevent the other team from scoring. Quite often it is said that good offense stems from a strong defence. One of the defender who provides strong defence to the #RokSakoTohRokLo team is Rupinder Pal Singh, who is known as the best drag flicker of the world for his abilities. The role of the #RokSakoTohRokLo defender as a banker in Indian Overseas Bank has always intrigued us. In our recent chat with the player, the player expressed that managing the two things has not been strenuous as his calibre of being a good player earned him the sports quota which helped him to secure a job in a prestigious bank. ”My first priority is hockey and till the time I am playing hockey, the management of the bank doesn’t put the squeeze on me”, the player added. By sharing that his colleagues in bank as well as his parents back home are exceedingly supportive with his choice of career, he expressed his gratitude in an undertone. “Along with playing when we get jobs, our parents are content and so are we.” the player said. The interaction with the player also gave us the impression that his father has highly inspired him to play hockey. The player referred his father as “Hockey Lover”. The player also shared that hockey runs through the veins of his family members, especially his cousins. What confounded us all was his family’s immense passion towards hockey with negligible inclination towards Cricket. The player also conveyed that his favourite actress is Priyanka Chopra of tinsel town. He also voiced his liking towards the actress of those movies that that rules the roost. During this chat we also discovered that the player keeps pace with the new releases and Dilwale delighted him out of the lot. While he appreciated Dilwale, he voiced his liking towards the actress Kajol and also told us that he adores the chemistry between Shah Rukh and Kajol. The chat concluded with his immense expectation from #HIL2016 and from his team as well. “It will be our constant endeavour to work on our loopholes and emerge as a better team”, he concluded.

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